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AngularJS version 2.0 Final Release is here!

By Engineering Team September 19, 2016 10 mins read

AngularJS  2.0 Final Release is finally here. We have been patiently waiting on this version of AngularJS to hit ever since the first alpha was announced.

The official release of Angular 2 is great news for all the teams that are building applications, but specially for those who have been waiting for this release to happen.

If you are one of the many who had breaking changes through the beta phases of AngularJS, you’re in luck. We should not expect to have any more large changes that will break your code.

There’s been a huge shift in the modern stack, a new architecture for building large web applications, functional, immutable benefits in large scale applications, the move to components ES6 and TypeScript. In a nutshell a different way of managing data and a new way of thinking.

Angular 2 is all in on it.


Angular 2 allow engineering teams to adopt a components mentality and front-end single page applications architecture, that allows for quicker innovation in the enterprise.

So what’s new?

To start off, Angular 2 is a brand new framework. It is not a re-write of Angular 1.

Here’s some of the biggest changes.

Big Improvements in Performance:

Performance improved in Angular 2.0 as compared to Angular 1.x. Bootstrap is now platform specific in angular 2.o.

Compared to Angular 1, Angular2 comes with some pretty interesting performance upgrades. Bootstrap is specific to Angular 2 based on the platform. For example a desktop browser application will use a different bootstrap than one from a mobile app. To improve loading time on mobile, you can use Apache Cordova.

Improved Mobile Support:

With Angular 1, there was no out of the box mobile support. You could use other tools to get it to run, but it wasn’t native. Angular 2 is mobile oriented. Also the unidirectional tree based change dection in Angular 2 helps greatly better performance. According to the angular team, Angular 2 is 5 times faster than Angular 1x.

TypeScript and other languages:

Angular 2 provides more choice for languages. ES5, ES6, TypeScript or even DART to build Angular 2 apps.

Developers familiar with Java, .NET, will have an easier time with TypeScript.

There’s many many more changes.

Component based:

The monolith is dead.

In a component based system you create less dependent and faster entities, versus the modular programming concept in Angular 1.

Components are good.

Stuff you’ll need to learn:

  • How to write components
  • How to build interactive views and powerful templates
  • The new Angular 2 model structure
  • How to trigger actions from user interactions
  • How to bind data to your view
  • Best practices for data-flow in a one-way data-binding world
  • How to talk to backend services and APIs
  • A roadmap to port your Angular 1 app to Angular 2
  • You’ll learn how to use the built-in directives and write components of your own
  • You’ll know exactly how Angular 2 works, from bootstrapping to change detection
  • What was removed from Angular 1 and what you should use instead
  • Understanding types in TypeScript
  • The power of creating your own types
  • How to use annotations to your advantage
  • Learn the 3 types of Angular 2 directives and when to use them
  • Master creating rich forms with custom inputs and validations
  • Write blazing fast apps with Angular 2 performance optimizations
  • How to master Angular 2 concepts
  • Learn how Angular’s router works
  • Learn how to have ng1 and ng2 components in the same app
  • Mastering Promises

Resources to catch up on AngularJS 2.0

There are many resources, we recommend our own course called ng-book 2; The Complete Angular 2 Course. We have been working on this course since Angular 2 alpha was announced.

Further thoughts

Angular 2 is not a natural successor to Angular 1. It’s a completely different framework that learned a lot of tricks. Learning and adopting Angular 2 for your future projects will likely be good for your career and goals.

With Angular’s 2 full package, We see a big benefit for enterprise teams. It’s a complete solution, with unit testing, rendering, compilation, binding, server communication, mobile support, typescript, plus, it fully embraces modules.

We are excited to see what the Angular team does in upcoming iterations, but we hope to see Angular 2 around for years to come.