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Software development & delivery

Gistia executes software engineering projects that deliver measurable business results. We generate solutions to complex software engineering problems that have a measurable impact on our client’s bottom line. Since 2006, we have built custom systems for more than 50 clients.


We generate solutions to complex software engineering problems that have a measurable impact on our client’s bottom line. Since 2006, we have built custom systems for more than 50 clients. Empowering them to provide more value and optimize operations, resulting in lower production costs and maximizing opportunities for growth.


“Gistia has been a powerful partner of Teradata by providing key contributions to our UI platform and extending our workforce to deliver strategic applications and solutions.”

Kyle Ledbetter

Director of Experience at Teradata

A partner to join you on your digital journey:

We employ a unique mixture of consulting, team augmentation, project delivery, and training to level up teams and solve engineering problems.

  • Software Engineering

    Gistia was founded as an engineering-first consultancy. Through working on hundreds of enterprise projects with real life repercussions forced us to evolve into a true technology business consultant. Today, while still maintaining our engineering roots, our team is comprised of project consultants, designers and engineers uniquely equipped to tackle complex business problems with modern engineering solutions.

  • Web Application Development

    As a full-stack engineering specialist, we help devise, strategize and bring to market business-critical web applications for internal and external use.

    Our team has the expertise and experience to handle the entire process. From idea from concept to delivery, or to integrate with your internal team.

  • Mobile Application Development

    When we talk about mobile, we refer to the user, not the device. With that in mind, mobile interfaces need to be easy to use on the go. Mobile applications for iOS and Android, using React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, Unity and others.

  • Tech Stack Migration

    You are responsible for the future of your engineering organization. We can help you with our expertise and resources needed for a successful tech migration.

  • Consulting

    You have an existing project and want suggestion on best practices. Testing, Architecture, Team building or UI libraries we have got your back.

  • Training & Coaching

    We do angular 2 training the Gistia way. Two day workshops are not enough to master the shift to modern JavaScript. We offer our training based on our book. We use ng-book 2 as a base for our training, with week to week coaching making sure your entire team is ready.

Clients & Collaborators

Our Company Mission

As a technical leader you have a roadmap, a schedule, and goals to hit. You are responsible for making it all happen. We’ve been there. That’s why we built this company. Our mission is to help software engineering leaders (like you) succeed.

We do this by providing you with our knowledge via articles. Showing you how others do it with our podcasts, and also by helping you do it with our services.

  • A Product Centric Engineering Team

    As you know, it is not only about the technology. Most importantly is ‘how’ projects get done. All our product specifications go through a LeanUX workflow (including Design Sprints). Then we deliver our work in Agile Continuous Delivery fashion.

    When you’re working with us, you get a full stack engineering unit. Our team unit includes tech leads, sr. engineers, project managers and the direct contact of our principals.

    The magic is that we deliver the stories assigned to us, in the same way your internal team would.

  • We work as your internal team does

    Our specialty goes beyond the technology stack. It’s the type of work we do, and who we do it for. We understand your unique set of challenges.

    We have designed our services and methodologies to work ‘within’ your ranks, and not as an outsider. With us, you have an additional internal engineering team.