Software systems to innovate and grow


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Deliver strategic projects, expand your delivery capacity, adopt modern javacript frameworks …

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Front-end Engineering

Your project needs modern front-end to hit your UX goals. Only thing is you don’t have the time or resources. We’re the team that helps you make your dates.


Web Application Development

As a JavaScript full-stack engineering specialist, we help devise, strategize and bring to market business-critical web applications for internal and external use.

Our team has the expertise and experience to handle the entire process. From idea from concept to delivery, or to integrate with your internal team.


Mobile Application Development

When we talk about mobile, we refer to the user, not the device.  With that in mind, mobile interfaces need to be easy to use on the go. Mobile applications for iOS and Android, using  React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, Unity and others.


Tech Stack Migration

You are responsible for the future of your engineering organization. We can help you with our expertise and resources needed for a successful tech migration.



You have an existing project and want suggestion on best practices. Testing, Architecture, Team building or UI libraries we have got your back.


Training & Coaching

We do angular 2 training the Gistia way. Two day workshops are not enough to master the shift to modern JavaScript. We offer our training based on our book. We use ng-book 2 as a base for our training, with week to week coaching making sure your entire team is ready.

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Our way of working makes sense for engineering leaders.

  1. We work on user stories
  2. We work on weekly sprints
  3. We deliver working code weekly
  4. Through the weekly code deliveries, we answer your teams questions, helping them take over the project.


Team-based augmentation delivery

A Gistia team-unit assigned to your delivery power. We don’t compete with your internal teams, we are an extra internal team.

You pay for the number of hours of team engagement per week. You can run as many initiatives as you need, you don’t pay for the project, you pay for the team.


Project-delivery model

We discover project requirements, assign each user story a score, and estimate the entire project in number of sprints. You only pay for the project.



We deliver consulting via our engineering principals, in simple monthly retainers.



We deliver our coaching via weekly check-ins, code reviews, slack discussions, and screen-hero sessions.

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We wrote the book on Angular 2

Our book, ng-book 2 is the leading angular training material for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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