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Challenges, Success and the Future of the Biotech Industry with ArcherDX: Doug Wendel with ArcherDX

EP. 49

October 2, 2018

Doug Wendel


Doug Wendel joins us to discuss ArcherDx, a pioneer developer of genetic and molecular laboratory technology. During this episode we... Listen Now

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Building Relationships to Support Employee Development: Blake Thomas with eSpark Learning

EP. 48

September 18, 2018

Blake Thomas

eSpark Learning

Blake Thomas didn’t always know he would end up in technology. In fact, he had gone into finance as a... Listen Now

Uniting Engineers with End Users to Improve Customer Experience: Anna Quackenbush with Illumina

EP. 47

August 6, 2018

Anna Quackenbush


Anna Quackenbush works at the biotech company Illumina, who are at the forefront of aligning technology and genetics with the... Listen Now

Empowering Decision Makers: Arun Jacob with Zonar Systems

EP. 46

July 23, 2018

Arun Jacob

Zonar Systems

Through his personal experience as a former employee of Disney, Arun Jacob had the opportunity to see how valuable it... Listen Now

The Growing Industry of Personalized Medicine: David Jennions with Synthego Corporation

EP. 45

July 9, 2018

David Jennions


David Jennions, a reformed physicist, shares his career shift and current role as the head of Systems Engineering for a... Listen Now

Team Building, Stanson Health, and The Online Medical Revolution: Alex Tatiyants with Stanson Health

EP. 44

June 18, 2018

Alex Tatiyants

Stanson Health

Alex Tatiyants' love for programming began early on in highschool and has remained strong over the years. With rooted passion... Listen Now

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