Get a grip on your Lab’s revenue performance

Gistia provides instant insights into the financial performance of a Lab's compendium.

Why do I need Gistia?
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Make revenue predictable

Gistia has achieved predictions of up to 91% accuracy on unseen data. We built ML models that can make predictions and tested that on customer data to achieve this high degree of confidence, and we’re always improving these models both automatically and manually.

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Improve revenue on
existing volume

Gistia allows your team to have a centralized revenue operating system, that can drive decisions in sales, operations, compliance, billing and more. The result? Predictable revenue, quarter after quarter and increases from 8-20% of revenue on existing volume within the first twelve months.

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Platform apps to help Laboratories thrive in a data-driven world

With the Insights, Explore, Claims, and Monitor apps of our platform you will be able to transform operational and financial information into actionable insights and predictions that drive improved business performance.


The Insights app tells you what has happened and what is happening.  The insights you gain drive decisions in sales, operations, compliance, billing, and more.


The Explore app helps you answer the question: “why is it happening?”.  It is built for RCM VPs and directors, billing managers, business analysts, and even billing team members who want to answer questions they have and dig deeper into the why.


The Claims app tells you what’s coming next. It’s where you go for specific details about individual claims, or groups of claims. But it’s also where you see your predictions at the claim level.


The Monitor app is the command center for your awareness of what’s changing and what has changed in the past. This app is essential to making you more proactive. This is where you can go, to understand what are the most significant changes in my metrics.

Predict how much
claims get paid

Gistia tells you what’s coming next. It gives you specific details about individual claims or groups of claims.  But you can also see predictions at the claim level.  It answers the questions that you need to improve your bottom line.  What are the claims awaiting reimbursement?  What will that reimbursement look like, and when will it happen?  With our clients, we’ve seen a 90% degree of accuracy in predicting when and how much a claim gets paid.

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“With Gistia, in less than ten seconds I can answer: Which diagnosis codes are problematic, which clients, which providers, which CPT codes, where they’re getting denials and payments. That’s so huge...”

Rhonda Merrill

VP of Operations at Kellison & Company

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Focus on the most
important KPIs

Gistia's Laboratory Revenue Intelligence Platform automatically gathers data from across your laboratory systems - accessioning, order entry, LIS and RCM - then uses its proprietary AI to create dashboards and alerts around your most important KPIs.

In 15 seconds, you are able to identify positive and negative metrics, so you can focus on what’s most important.

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Predictive analytics for your teams

With Gistia's Laboratory Revenue Intelligence Platform you can make sure that your team is focused
on improving your business outcomes.

Executive Team

Gistia provides the information you need to make surgical decisions about where to grow business and where to pull back.

Sales Team

Gistia can improve sales by helping your team identify and fix potential issues with payers and providers.

Expand visibility to evolve your business

RCM Performance Assessment

Easy to create reports on the health of the Revenue Cycle.

Advanced Analytics

Provides insights into what needs to be fixed, prevented and optimized.

Anomaly Monitoring Center

Constantly looking for anomalies in the RCM workflow and data.

Payment Prediction

Analyzes historical data, identifies patterns and forecasts payments.

Denial Prevention

Decrease denial rate to reduce costs and collect more revenue.

Order Workflow Optimization

View of the entire order lifecycle so corrections can be quickly made.

What questions are Gistia Healthcare
customers answering?

Which of my claims are most and least likely to get paid?

With AI and Machine Learning we make predictions on claim reimbursements and payer responses based on your data. We have achieved 90% accuracy on unseen data with our clients and we monitor and update our models to provide accurate predictions.

When will the payer respond to my submitted claim?

We built our ML models to make predictions on payer behavior that would have gone undetected with other analytics platforms. Our platform give you the ability to focus on specific issues so you can focus on improving your revenue cycle.

Why is my reimbursement rate going down?

Curated financial and RCM executive dashboards give you valuable information about your revenue. Every day, your data runs through our algorithms which update your dashboards, KPIs, and notifications so you can make informed business decisions.

Which payers are paying less than others?

With a real-time view of all integrated payer and claims activity you can focus on meaningful improvements. Our platform is built for diving into the details of your claims and charges. Made for billing managers and the billing team to dive into the details of what is in the pipeline and what is coming next.

Which ICD code is being problematic?

With the ability to monitor payer behavior and reimbursement pattern trends our platform is the command center for your awareness of what is changing and what has changed in the past. You will be able to understand what the most significant changes are in your workflow.

Can I be notified when regulations change?

AI-Driven alerts provide real-time awareness of changes, both good and bad. We monitor hundreds of individual metrics in your revenue cycle. We then feed those metrics through our algorithms and AI and sift them automatically to maximize the value and quality of the notifications and alerts sent out.

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