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Protect your Revenue Cycle

Better Payer Relationships

Prevent Revenue Loss

Don't be a victim of undetected financial threats

If undetected, these lead to:

Non-Compliance Events
Lost Revenue
Fines, Audits, Payer-Recoupments

Protect your financial health real-time

We help you stay ahead of risks at every turn

Detect Revenue Performance risks

Detect Financial Compliance risks

24/7 Automated
reports and alerts

Achieve continuous real-time control

You've got enough on your plate to worry about

Thousands of hours saved sorting through data
More time time to focus on what matters
Reduced unnecessary stress

Crush your numbers and stay compliant

An AI-driven platform that helps you achieve continuous compliance and accelerate revenue cycle performance. 

Be aware of compliance issues with real-time alerts

Maintain financial compliance with ease. Our alerts and reports notify you when there’s a critical incident so that you can take action before it impacts your revenue cycle.

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Never miss opportunities to improve revenue performance

Our alerts and reports notify you when there’s an opportunity for your revenue cycle. So you can get back to business, quickly and easily.

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Fully-automated - hundreds of hours saved—for you and your team

Gistia gives you real-time intelligence without requiring you to run any database queries or reports. This eliminates hundreds of hours from you and your team.

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Getting started is easy

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1. Schedule a Demo

A casual conversation about your situation and we'll show you Gistia


2. Implement Gistia

Implement Gistia to detect risks and empower you to take action


3. Win the game of Revenue

Embrace your new powers to win at the game of healthcare revenue

Eliminate the guesswork

Gistia will notify you of threats before its too late

and managed by our team

Automated 24/7

Stay ahead through automated reports
and alerts

Guidance and
Support by industry-experts


Taking Your Financial Health to a Higher Level:

Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Revenue Compliance and Performance Insights to Create More Transparency in Performance and Outcomes


As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we’ve been there too. It's time to embrace modern technologies to help us
detect financial compliance and revenue performance risks.

Continuous Financial Health Starts Here