Audit RCM for M&A

Create a clear financial picture of the organization you’re looking to buy

Don’t make poor financial decisions based on inaccurate data-gathering

The due diligence process is the most important part of any merger or acquisition, and without the proper tools to conduct a comprehensive review of key areas, laboratory leaders risk making a bad call.


Not going through this process with accurate data can lead to:

Less financial confidence in the company being acquired
Acquiring a company with poor payer relationships
Timing that drags out to where it is no longer attractive
Unforeseen incompatibility between IT programs

Empower your team to bring you crucial information

Give your team the tools necessary to confidently provide you with a clear understanding of the M&A, so that you can make a sound investment. Provide them with a clear picture of:

Volume & Cash

AR Aging

Payer Mix

Best/Worst payers, providers, and procedures

Gather, Analyze, and Make a Profit

Without a modern tool to provide you clear and meaningful outputs, you will continue to rely on manual excel-based reports that do not call out all the key factors affecting your purchase or partnership.

By taking the time to thoroughly review all aspects of the other party’s RCM, you can:

Get a better understanding of the potential financial impact of the M&A
Ensure you are making a sound investment
Identify the problematic areas where the organization needs to improve
Recognize a great deal when you find one

Gistia gives you the necessary insights to act

Gistia Intelligence provides clear and meaningful outputs of the organization’s RCM data.


Gistia Intelligence helps your organization in several key areas:

Financial Data

Review both top-line revenue numbers and more detailed information such as accounts receivable (A/R) days, denials rate, and collection rates. Gistia brings this information front and center in a comprehensive and easily digestible format.

Operational Data

This encompasses everything from the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees dedicated to RCM to the organization’s billing and coding processes. Gistia layers this information in an accurate way to gain insight into its value.

Technology Concerns

Review the RCM software currently in place, as well as any other technology that impacts the revenue cycle. As seasoned technology experts in lab RCM, Gistia can help identify and alert you to such future concerns.

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