Data-driven billing enhancements

Enhance your billing operations with AI and Machine Learning Intelligence.

Use data, not guesswork to inform your billing processes and operations

Gistia helps your billing team make decisions based on data so you can spend less time collecting billing data and more time strategizing on how to move your company forward.

KPI Implementation

Our team does an analysis of your data and provide insights to create the most useful KPIs for your business to get you to your financial and operational targets.

Forecast next quarter revenue

Based on volume and existing reimbursement trends we use our platform’s AI engine to forecast revenue with more granularity using our predictive analytics and help you anticipate dips and bumps along the way.

Identify best performing payers

We go through your historical data and identify which payers have the best reimbursement rates and sort them by their performance so you can make decisions based on facts.

Claims comparison

We compare your historical claims against existing contracts. We provide you with a reimbursement report to allow you to do contract analysis. We then do a deep dive with you to validate your payer’s reimbursements with reference to their contracts.

Denial Analysis

We do a thorough denial analysis and propose and then prioritize potential improvements in your workflows to reduce denials.

Review revenue anomalies and changes

We find anomalies and changes that have happened in the past and review them with you. Not only do we analyze the steps you’ve taken in the past to fix these issues, but we can also suggest possible fixes that we’ve seen have been effective with our other clients.

Fine-tune Monitoring notifications

We work with your team to pick the most relevant anomaly notifications for your team that will drive better business outcomes.

User Accounts

Our team sets up all user accounts, so that is taken off your plate. We set up permissions by person and by access level.

Predict when Claims
get paid

From claims submission through processing, know the expected payment date and amount, likelihood score for payment, and denial prediction score.


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“I’m much more in tune about my client, and their client base. I look at my top four clients and understand in ten minutes what payer mix, what diagnosis code, what CPT, what response time they’re getting.”

Rhonda Merrill

VP of Operations at Kellison & Company

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