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Case Study

DxFlow™ Unifies Northwest Pathology's Systems Enhancing Efficiency


Northwest Pathology enlisted the expertise of Gistia, a frontrunner in workflow automation, to develop a Smart Lab Order Workflow System, called DxFlow. The collaboration aimed to establish a unified source for both financial and operational data, streamlining data management and reporting processes.


Northwest Pathology faced challenges in managing and reporting operational and financial data after a merger. The company had different LIS in their new locations, making it difficult to have a centralized reporting system. Further, their legacy LIS was not aligned with the flexibility required for their post-merger strategy.


Gistia introduced DxFlow, a cutting-edge Smart Workflow Engine tailored to the client's specific requirements. This system was adept at processing HL7 messages and flawlessly integrated with the Lab's CRM. With an emphasis on error visualization and management, Gistia further customized several modules, including OrderFlow and ReportFlow. These modules processed and stored data streams from diverse LIS and billing systems, consolidating them into a centralized Data Store, thereby establishing a single source of truth. Additionally, with the integration of the Provider Ordering Console and the Patient Access Portal, the Lab's CRM system was further harmonized, ensuring consistent and accurate data across all touchpoints.

The implementation of a Smart Lab Order Workflow System provided Northwest Pathology with a Single Source of Truth for both operational and financial data. This made it easier to manage data and generate reports. The system was also designed to seamlessly visualize and handle errors. The disparate systems could even converge to a single system seamlessly, as the data was kept in a system-agnostic platform. Northwest Pathology highly recommends Gistia's solutions and looks forward to a long-term partnership.

  • 6 systems integrated

    LigoLab LIS; LigoLab RCM; Copia LIS; Salesforce; Quadax; PathForce

  • 638,769 orders

    orders received in ODL by October 19th, 2023

  • 1,785 users

    Salesforce portal users consuming data from ODL include 465 Clinic Users; 35 Physician Users; 1,285 Patient Users

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