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Case Study

Payer Scorecard Analysis Pinpoints Billing Discrepancies


Payer reimbursement monitoring is an essential aspect of financial management for healthcare providers. It involves tracking, verifying, and optimizing the payments received from:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Programs
  • Patients


Bottlenecks in the claims submission process can hinder and delay reimbursements, negatively impacting cash flow. Additionally, frequent underpayments or outright denials of claims can further strain financial resources. Contract negotiations with insurance companies, if not handled optimally, can lead to unfavorable terms. Lastly, ever-changing rules and regulations demand continuous vigilance to ensure compliance, with the risk of penalties, recoupments, and investigations looming for non-adherence.


Predictive Analytics - Leveraging data science and AI technologies can predict trends and identify potential issues before they become significant problems. These could include predicting payer behavior, identifying risky claims that might be denied, or anticipating changes in payer policy.

Payer Scorecards - These tools provide a high-level overview of payer performance, often ranking payers based on metrics like denial rate, reimbursement speed, and underpayment rate.

Integrating RevenueIQ payer reimbursement monitoring offers a transformative remedy for RCM challenges. By harnessing the power of predictive analytics and AI, providers can preemptively address bottlenecks, foresee potential issues, and adapt to payer behavioral changes. The Payer Scorecard Analysis specifically allows for a deep dive into individual payer behaviors, enabling providers to spot discrepancies in real-time, as evidenced by the decline in Humana's payment rates. Furthermore, the ability to scrutinize specific denial reasons, such as the bundling of CPT codes, equips providers with the necessary insights to refine their billing practices and optimize their revenue stream.

  • $262bn

    in medical claims get denied initially

  • 60%

    of those claims never get reworked

  • 0 denials

    predictive analytics & AI help detect problems before they occur

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