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Case Study

Helping C2N Diagnostics Streamline Laboratory Ordering


With a novel assay that utilizes Al-assisted blood assessments for early Alzheimer's detection, C2N aimed to commercialize their test. However, they identified a pressing need: a platform for clinics to register, enroll, and order test kits. This led them to Gistia, through a referral from DS2, a company specializing in kitting and logistics


The primary hurdle was the stringent three-week deadline. Gistia faced the daunting task of developing a comprehensive portal, accommodating C2N's intricate kit ordering processes, and ensuring seamless data migration from Soho CRM to Salesforce. The key was to prioritize essential components for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and ensure close collaboration with C2N for alignment.


Gistia's solution was the PrecivityAD Ordering Portal, designed to empower clinics with self-service capabilities. The portal facilitated kit orders, tracked their status, and provided resources. Data migration from Soho to Salesforce was executed meticulously, ensuring data integrity and alignment with the new portal.
The portal's launch marked a paradigm shift for C2N. Their sales team could direct clinics to the portal, automating the entire process and significantly reducing backend workload. Clinics benefited from the transparency, tracking their orders and sample statuses effortlessly. This transformation not only streamlined C2N's operations but also set a new benchmark in Alzheimer's testing and detection.
  • 3 weeks

    Gistia was able to deliver a working portal that met all of C2N’s requirements.

  • 230 leads

    230 leads have already been converted since the portal was launched mid 2022.

  • 1 Portal

    Comprehensive portal for clinics to register, enroll, and order test kits.

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