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Advancing Genomics with Custom Workflow Software

The Challenge

Progenity provides complex molecular and specialized testing services to physicians, clinicians, and their patients with a focus on clear, actionable results that enable informed medical decisions.

In order to be successful in the ever-changing healthcare landscape, Progenity’s demanding environment necessitates software with extensive flexibility and customization. Progenity found current off-the-shelf software to be lacking in necessary features. “There aren’t any software products on the market offering everything we needed to stay ahead,” says Jeff Crays, who is responsible for Progenity’s development architecture.

Generally, healthcare software is slow to adopt the latest technologies due to complex infrastructure and integration challenges. Progenity needed a way to bridge the gap between legacy healthcare and emerging technologies. “If we wanted to lead the industry with emerging technologies we couldn’t rely solely on the features of the existing software. We needed to develop internally and find our own way forward. When looking to build our own software we needed to find a partner that could help us move fast while maintaining quality, security, and compliance,” recalls Crays.

Due to rapid growth as high volume genetics testing laboratory, performance and reliability are paramount for Progenity. “After many years struggling with off-the-shelf software, we decided to invest in forward-thinking technologies,” continues Crays. Until you understand the problem you can’t get to a solution.


Progenity needed to meet a multitude of key requirements to move the business forward:

  • Alleviate concerns about growth.
  • The company needed confidence that its software platform would scale.
  • Allow for configurable rules-based decision making.
  • Rapid changes are all but expected at Progenity and the software platform needs to as well.
  • Provide effective real-time customer service.
  • To be successful, Progenity needed to empower the business with easy access to customer data and actionable insights.
  • Support a rapidly expanding test menu across a wide variety of customers.
  • Each test offering at Progenity follows a unique workflow to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Support the ever-changing revenue cycle.
  • The healthcare revenue cycle is constantly changing and the software platform needed to adapt.
  • Deliver value faster.
  • Speed of delivery is a must at Progenity. Time to market is important in order to provide the best care to their patients.
  • Enable emerging technology.
  • The framework is in place to leverage forward-thinking technologies like AI and machine learning.

The Solution

In order to deliver software of this kind, Progenity partnered with Gistia. Delivering the solution was successful because we followed Gistia’s method. When looking for engineering companies Progenity needed a partner with a value proposition beyond expertise in the latest JavaScript frameworks. While Gistia literally wrote the book on Angular, our value is in our ability to understand and advance the laboratory industry. Combining an agile software development lifecycle with enterprise-grade healthcare software isn’t an easy task. Crays explained, “Gistia says their method matters and the proof is in our success.”

Progenity: The Future of Genomics Software

What Gistia did for Progenity:

  • Implemented a custom rules engine
  • Enabled the staff with one pane of glass to view data from various legacy databases
  • Allowed each workflow page to be customized to the specific activity
  • Created prior authorization module to facilitate changing reimbursement challenges
  • Applied agile development methodologies to software delivery pipeline

Business Benefits

Progenity took the opportunity to work with us because they saw the value in using software as a key differentiator over its competitors. “If we can stay ahead of off-the-shelf software we can stay ahead of most our competition. It’s the difference between having a tailored suit or a generic one off the rack,” explained Crays.

The Platform We Built Provides:

  • Reduced turnaround time despite more involved revenue cycle workflows
  • Increased collections
  • Lowered claim denials
  • Enhanced visibility and transparency of operation workflows
  • Increased productivity
  • Global data access
  • Single pane of glass

Looking Ahead

Gistia continues their partnership with Progenity by providing an agile and innovative engineering team. “We will continue to advance our software platform beyond anything on the market by leveraging the innovations brought to us by Gistia,” said Crays, confirming our hopes of creating a lasting relationship. The platform has given Progenity a solid foundation, one that is both customizable and flexible. These qualities allow Progenity to adapt to changes in the market.