Software systems to innovate and grow

Delivering Strategic Applications and Solutions

The Challenge

Known for their advanced analytics technology and services, Teradata’s core strength is helping businesses drive better outcomes with data. The $2.5B company has led the data and analytics space for over 35 years.

In order to be successful in the ever-changing technological landscape, Teradata’s demanding environment necessitates a software application platform with extensive capabilities to deliver products quickly. To ensure the adoption of corporate standards, they rely on maximizing user experience within those standards.

Teradata needed a partner, able to collaborate with Teradata’s UX team as a strategic project delivery team to address organization of project delivery, stay engaged throughout the process, and ultimately deliver results.

Client Goals and Solutions

Teradata, a global leader in advanced analytics partnered with Gistia to expand engineering expertise for their Covalent UI Platform (company wide Angular component library) and deliver applications and solutions. The creator of Covalent UI, Kyle Ledbetter, and his UX Team built and maintain their open-source UI Platform, combining a comprehensive design language with a powerful web framework.

To reach success, it was essential for Gistia, as a closely-knit partner, to remain within context of the multiple initiatives happening within Teradata’s evolving technological ecosystem. From new architecture plans, to the new enhancements of the application platform. Gistia’s job was to make sure Teradata’s team remains ahead of the curve, now and for years to come.

Gistia’s strategic project delivery helped Teradata meet the necessary requirements to move their business forward:

  • Method first engineering team.
  • Rapid delivery at Teradata is key, this is where Gistia’s consistency in methodology comes into play.
  • Alleviate concerns about project delivery.
  • The company needed to boost their confidence, and show they had the power to build and deliver consistent new products.
  • Build custom systems using reusable components.
  • The goal was to maximize the use of the UI Platform to support the company’s system needs.
  • Provide effective real-time customer service.
  • Gistia empowered Teradata’s multiple business units with an easy to access timeline status. Our weekly reports gave Teradata a peace of mind and allowed them to be as hands off as needed, while Gistia moved forward with projects.
  • Support a rapidly expanding suite of systems across the enterprise.
  • As part of their Sentient Enterprise model, Teradata depends on constant evolution to stay ahead of the rapidly changing environment.
  • Deliver value faster.
  • Time to market is important in order to provide the best services to its clients. Our goal was to create a way for us to work together, while delivering the same speed, quality and experience client-stakeholders rely on.
  • Enable emerging technology.
  • The framework is in place to leverage forward-thinking technologies. Teradata was founded 40 years ago, and is the company it is today because of its many acquisitions, and constant innovation. With our help, client-units within Teradata are able to leverage the best technologies, and continue with constant innovation, critical to their future.

The Result

Gistia supported Teradata’s UX team’s vision by providing training, engineering delivery capability and most important, by helping them directly as open source contributors.

Value is subjective to each organization. In Teradata’s case our data driven approach to our product development is what helped us drive our value up. As a deeply analytical company, our approach was a perfect match for them. We were able to iterate quickly by validating initial product assumptions, and understanding the value to the organization in our weekly-sprint cadences.

This is where the Gistia Method comes into play. While many other companies might promote and market ‘a process,’ we truly live and die by ours. We operate internally behind the scenes, as well as on stage, using the same exact processes. We monitor each step of the process, and its KPIs amongst different projects, business units, and clients in different markets. We believe our Method Matters.

This approach allows us to deliver measurable value as a deliverable from the start of the project, and not simply as a hopeful afterthought.