Continuously Monitor Payer Recoupment

Get a grip on payer recoupment events as they happen, not after it’s too late to act.

Don't let runaway revenue ruin your bottom line.

Detecting and monitoring recoupment requests can be aggravating and time-consuming.


Most analysts have to sort through massive amounts of data to find the root cause of payer recoupments.


This leads to:

Reduced payments
Denied claims
Wasted man hours

Detect payer recoupments in real-time

Actionable Intelligence to reveal payer recoupments

anomaly detection

Real-time actionable visualizations

Find root cause of recoupments

Clean and easy to use interface

Don't lose confidence in your data.

As former lab IT execs, we understand that recoupment requests are an aggravating and time-consuming reality of medical billing.

But, with Gistia Intelligence your analyst will be able to make informed decisions to target areas of payer behavior.

Empower analysts to make informed decisions
Target payer pain-points
Continuous recoupment monitoring

Gistia helps you avoid payer recoupments

Built on evolving machine-learning algorithms that detect, monitor, and present recoupments in an organized and straightforward way. Allowing you to see the impact on the financial health of your entire organization.

Detect payer recoupment anomalies

Gistia sifts through mountains of data to find payer recoupment anomalies and display them so you can react before they become a problem.

Set alerts for specific anomalies

You can set alerts for specific criteria of anomalies to ensure your most critical concerns are being carefully monitored.  You’ll feel confident you have the insights necessary to take action.

Getting started is easy

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3. Win the game of Healthcare

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