AI-driven Healthcare Intelligence

HIPAA compliant Healthcare Software Development

You have enough on your plates managing a complex healthcare organization, we can help you deliver more.

Custom Software Engineering for the Business of Healthcare

No need to explain complex medical technical terminology, laws, and data integration standards. With our experience building large scale healthcare software systems, you can skip the explanations of HL7 or HIPAA, saving you time and reducing the cost.

Strategy and Innovation
Software & Data Engineering
On-going Delivery Support

Deliver strategic initiatives on time

Workflow optimization

Gistia Healthcare helps clients streamline operational workflows and production processes to maximize effiencies.

HIPAA compliance

HIPAA compliance, build custom applications that are designed to keep your patients’ information secure and confidential.

Clinical & health management

Streamline clinical workflows, maintain patient information, remotely track patient progress and deliver personalized care.

Healthcare analytics

Data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, create algorithms and statistical models for clinical decision-making.

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Advancing Genomics with Custom LIS Workflow Software

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