Data Science and Machine Learning Services

Gistia builds, trains, validates, and deploys tailored solutions that discover patterns and learn from the historical data.

Data Science and Machine Learning should be easy.

It can be a difficult task to implement data science and machine learning into your business. Gistia empowers healthcare organizations to make sense of their data with our purpose-built services.

Detect payer recoupments in real-time

Actionable Intelligence to reveal payer recoupments

AI Strategy

Realize the full potential of your data by leveraging AI to drive increased efficiency, reduced costs, and better health outcomes.

Data Science

Develop AI and ML solutions to all of healthcare's complex challenges.

Machine Learning Engineering

Organize your data to uncover hidden patterns, and build ML
models to improve your business.

How do Data Science and ML help your business?

Gistia helps turn your healthcare problems into solutions through data-driven insights.

Analyze vast sets of data
Unlock historical data to make informed decisions
Provide the insights needed to optimize processes and workflows
Improve efficiency and reduce costs
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Getting started is easy

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Get Started

We define and deploy our proprietary cloud infrastructure.


Add Users

Then we securely add users and all needed privileges.


Define Pipelines

We then define pipelines to ingest all healthcare data.


Legacy Migration

Next we accurately migrate all legacy workloads.


Continuous Monitoring

Last, support is continued and maintained for future improvements and problem-solving.

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we’ve been there too. It's time to embrace modern technologies to help you enable data science and machine learning.

Learn how Gistia can help turn your historical data into actionable insights.