Direct to Consumer Portal

A holistic health management center for your Patients

Do not leave room for the competition

People want to find and get products and services quickly in the current information era.

If your healthcare organization is not offering all your Patients want, they will look elsewhere.

Add value to your Patients

Improve how your patients interact with you through Direct-to-Consumer Portals build specifically for your organization.

Test kits e-commerce

Test and results tracking


Health monitoring and education

The world has changed, and so must your business

People are bombarded by so much information that they must narrow their options and make easy decisions. 

With a Direct-to-Consumer portal, you make your patients' lives easier by offering them a multitude of products and services in a single place. 

This helps your organization avoid:

Lost opportunities
Decreases in revenue
Lowered customer retention rate
Poor brand perception and value

A one-stop-shop for your Patient's healthcare

Implement a feature-rich Direct-to-Consumer Portal, fully integrated with your internal systems, and improve your Patient’s healthcare.


Go beyond services and offer products to your Patients


Allow your Patients to track their tests and results, and schedule and conduct Telehealth sessions

Health Education

Educate your Patients on self-administered health screenings and symptom tracking, and advise them on best alternatives

Getting started is easy

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1. Schedule a Call

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2. Discovery

Translate your needs into requirements to be implemented.


3. Win the game of Healthcare

Embrace your new powers to win at the game of healthcare.

Transform your patients' healthcare

Go beyond the traditional results portal and allows your Patients to manage their healthcare in a holistic fashion.

Don’t leave room for competition and seize the opportunity of increasing your revenue sources.

As ex-healthcare IT execs, we have built Direct-to-Consumer Portals that offers:

Patient self-service pre-registration
Secure, multi-factor portal authentication
Test history tracking
HIPAA compliant data handling
Full e-commerce platform, integrated with payment gateways
Full portal content management
Patient preferred notification methods

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we’ve been there too. It's time to embrace modern technologies to help you transform the way you interact with your patients.

Learn how Gistia can help you improve your patient trust.