Healthcare Software Systems

The 7 Secrets For Successful Automated Order Entry

By Jeff Crays September 24, 2018 10 mins read

Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to increase workflow efficiencies and overall patient care. Healthcare IT must apply the latest technologies to a multitude of scenarios in an ever-changing landscape. Even with healthcare organizations embracing electronic medical records, it’s important to address the continued use of paper.

By leveraging Optical Character Recognition to scan and automatically accession orders, the ordering process can drastically improve if done correctly. It is important to understand where OCR can be successful and where it falls short. Together we can address the opportunities, issues, and challenges in automating laboratory order entry leveraging OCR technologies. We will explore the importance of bringing together the people, process, and technology.

This whitepaper offers real-world tips to increase the likelihood for success when implementing your OCR process. Move the healthcare industry forward by implementing a new technology on an old process.

  • Improve the ordering physicians experience leveraging clear and consistent requisition design.
  • Enhance data entry accuracy and efficiency.
  • Discovery how optimizing your test requisition can drastically increase.
  • Learn questions to ask your OCR vendor.
  • Explore the differences between various OCR methods.
  • Optimize test requisitions for the OCR process.
  • Balance the needs of the physician and your IT systems.