Press Release: COVID-19 National Laboratory Support Network

Miami, FL -- March 31, 2020

As laboratories and diagnostic developers race to meet demand for assays to detect the SARS-CoV2 Coronavirus, a national registry for COVID-19 testing capacity and testing kits is critically needed.

COVID-19 Laboratory Support Registry functions as a public website displaying all registered labs nationally running SARS-CoV2 tests and their available capacity. It also reveals whether they have 'surplus' Covid-19 testing kits. Gistia Healthcare will update this tracker in real time in order to provide up to date information on the volume status of these tests.

The registration process is free and the platform is available to all laboratories that need to coordinate Covid-19 testing. Laboratories can register with Covid-19 Laboratory Capacity Registry, citing the number of testing kits they currently have available, or conversely, indicating their capacity for testing should more kits be made available to them. The tracker includes only those labs that wish to participate and that are available for SARS-CoV2 testing. Links and pertaining contact information are available per lab, allowing registered labs to reach out directly to coordinate resources in a timely manner.

About Gistia Healthcare
Gistia Healthcare is an Enterprise Technology Partner for Laboratories and Hospitals, headquartered in Miami, Florida. We assist healthcare providers by designing, building and operating high-throughput informatics platforms.

Information about Covid-19 Laboratory Capacity Registry and other supporting materials can be found by visiting or directly contacting Gistia Healthcare’s CEO Carlos Taborda at


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