Introducing Method Matters: Smart Software Engineering Methods

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Here at Gistia, we live and breath our method. To show our confidence, we have rebranded Tech People so that methods are at the forefront of our conversations. We will continue to reach out to tech practitioners in a similar fashion but have now expanded our platform to include conversations with internal team members and previous guests. Tune in for more information on the exciting changes ahead!

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Carlos: Alright, so I am very excited to share some news with you. We’ve got a couple of happenings here over at Gistia. Well, the first one is, actually before I get into it. I just want to thank you, the listener. You’re listening to this episode. You’ve been listening to the show for some time now. I want to say about two years. So, first of all, thank you for your attention for all the feedback that you sent in via email and for all of those who haven’t sent feedback you know where to reach me, Again, I am very very grateful for the feedback, yeah, everything that you guys have to say about the show.

Well, the big news that I wanted to share is that we’re changing the name of this podcast. With that said, the podcast itself is not dying. We’re continuing the podcast. We decided to change the format for a couple of different reasons. The main one is because we wanted to be able to provide some more insight into the things that we’re learning at Gistia. And we wanted to be able to mix and blend in a bit of our interviews along with our own insight. Instead of starting a second podcast we felt that the best move forward was to improve this very podcast and focus it at a bit more into what we think is important. So, long story short, we are just seeing that the biggest issue that the people in our network have, people that are IT leadership, the biggest issue that we’re having, that we’re seeing is wanting to have a certain type of results without necessarily focusing in a very important area of what we do which is the methodologies of things. And methodology doesn’t only talk about projects such as Agile, whatever. There is a method to the magic.

So the name of the new podcast is going to be Method Matters. Many companies promote a process and at Gistia we truly live by ours. We operate internally, behind the scenes, as well as on stage using the exact same process, exact same method. So we believe the methods matter hence the new name of our podcast. So the future of the show will be somewhat similar. We will continue to have guests. However, we are going to be talking a bit more about the methods in which we do the things that we do. So there is a method for team building, there are methods for hiring, there are methods for firing, there are methods for training people. There are all sorts of defined sets of processes that are repeatable. That’s what we call a method.

So we are very excited for this new format in which I will have guests that are from the outside of Gistia so guests as we’ve always had them but also internal guests to talk about things that we are learning, things that we like to explore. It will be an interesting challenge as we move ahead. Every now and then we will have previous guests as well and we are opening the room for actually doing panels with more than one guest that has been on the show. Also, and this is a bit of news as well, but we’re planning and this is in very early stages of doing a live event here in Miami. I don’t have much specifics yet as to when and exactly how. But we are planning something between Q2 and Q3 of 2019, so somewhere in the summer of 2019, I want to say we will have Method Matters Live. It will be a very interesting project for us. We really want to make it worth your while and really bring you the best guests and content that can help you further your own goals in your career as an engineering executive and engineering leadership and overall engineering career. Anyways, we are very very excited about this move ahead and hopefully, you guys will enjoy it.

So with that said, I am really looking forward to hearing your opinions, your thoughts on the new format coming over. And also to share the first internal recording that we will have here shortly. So anyway, thank you so much and thank you for tuning in to another episode of now Method Matters.

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