Lab Operations Analytics

Reduce costs, and improve efficiency and care in real-time.

Gain visibility across your entire organization

Achieve your most challenging goals with our solution. Gistia's Lab Operations Analytics platform brings data from across your entire organization into one central location. We offer robust reporting, alerts, and intuitive dashboards to enhance decision-making & improve healthcare outcomes.  

Do you need better insights into your lab's operations?

Clean data means better insights however, your data is a mess. How can you improve business and care results if you have these problems?

Pulling reports manually
Data located in disparate systems
Stakeholders can't effectively communicate
Patient satisfaction is decreasing and you don't know why
No way to identify high performing networks
No way to identify security and compliance risks

How Gistia's Lab Operations Analytics can help your organization

The days of manual, time-intensive workflows and reporting are behind you. Labs now have the opportunity to visualize quality KPIs in real-time for data-influenced decision-making. Allowing your laboratory to increase operational efficiency and decrease issue resolution time.

Smarter and better care for patients

Gistia Lab Operations Analytics provides clean data so you can measure and improve care.

Full view of performance

Gistia provides your leadership team with the data needed to improve patient care and clinical outcomes while increasing revenue

Decision support for measurable improvement

Effective clinical decision support requires ongoing management.
Gistia does this at scale for use cases like waste reduction,
documentation and coding, and prior authorization.
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Getting started is easy

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Get Started

We define and deploy our proprietary cloud infrastructure.


Add Users

Then we securely add users and all needed privileges.


Define Pipelines

We then define pipelines to ingest all healthcare data.


Legacy Migration

Next we accurately migrate all legacy workloads.


Continuous Monitoring

Last, support is continued and maintained for future improvements and problem-solving.

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we’ve been there too. It's time to embrace modern technologies to help you improve patient care while increasing revenue and efficiency.

Learn how Gistia can help you improve your laboratory operations.