Geographic Analysis and Visualization

Straight-forward geographic visualizations to analyze market performance from every angle

Don't gamble on your organization’s future

You need to be at the forefront of every new market opportunity while simultaneously reevaluating your current positioning.


Not knowing which areas are performing can lead to:

Unseen expenses that lead to lowered revenue
Expanding into undesirable areas
Geographic trends that have a negative effects

Make the most of your resources

Take advantage of the incredible depths of intelligence accessible to you through robust Geo Analysis.

Pinpoint exactly where revenue is coming from

Determine top payers, clients, providers, and procedures

Evaluate payment rates, denial rates, and other metrics

A better way to determine whether expansion or retraction is a good idea.

Gistia Revenue Cycle Intelligence and their Geo Analysis tools provide clear and concise visualizations layered for depths of analysis.

Just imagine if you could analyze a variety of relevant factors to identify regions more receptive to your specific products and services, such as:

Population density
Economic indicators
Infrastructure development

Gistia helps you focus on the most profitable regions

Don’t continue to allocate resources to low-performing regions, hoping for a better rate of return.

Layer data to visualize regions in a new light

Through Gistia’s Geo Analysis, you can discover new insights into why certain areas are more, or less profitable and approach those opportunities in a fresh way.

Easily access overall performance metrics

With Gistia, RCM executives are equipped with the necessary tools to make informed decisions in real-time.

Quickly react to new market opportunities

Drill down into claim-level specifics, targeting problems with precision. Additionally, retroactive insight can show you which actions were beneficial (and which ones were not) so you can continue - or correct course - with confidence.

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