Streamlined diagnostic orders for better financial performance

Eliminating workflow challenges ensures a higher rate of clean orders, reduces claim denials, and maximize reimbursement
Collect clean digital orders Accelerate revenue collection cycle Reduce accessioning costs by 90%
Streamlining workflows & capturing correct data is crucial for profitability

Streamlining workflows & capturing correct data is crucial for profitability

Most Medical Laboratories and Imaging Diagnostics Centers suffer from inefficient workflows, high claim denial rates and high compliance risks.


This puts on a strain on your staff, plus data collection errors create headaches and affect your bottom line with denied claims.

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    Outdated legacy systems
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    Data collection errors
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    Poor user experience
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    Billing errors
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    Wasted energy
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    Frustrated patients
Next-gen laboratory ordering & resulting platform

Next-gen laboratory ordering & resulting platform

Gistia DxFlowTM is a cloud-based platform that simplifies and automates the process of managing lab orders.


Eliminating paper requisitions, legacy integrations and manual processes. This means that diagnostic providers can focus on delivering quality patient care instead of getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

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    Onboard new clients up to 10x faster
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    Accelerate revenue collection cycle
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    Increase reimbursements
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    Reduce accessioning costs by over 90%
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    Receive clean patient and insurance data
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    Accurate public health reporting
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    Reduce EMR integration costs
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    Eliminates workflow challenges
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What outcomes can you expect?

What outcomes can you expect?

By adopting Gistia DxFlowTM you can expect increased efficiency, reduced errors, faster revenue collection, and improved patient-provider communication. This will lead to higher reimbursements, optimized operations, enhanced patient experience, and a more predictable revenue cycle, ultimately driving growth and better financial outcomes for your business.
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    Fast implementation: Experience efficiency gains within 30 days
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    Accelerated Revenue collection: Streamline claim submissions, faster reimbursements
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    Reduced accessioning costs: Lower expenses by over 90%
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    Improved patient experience: Enhance satisfaction and loyalty
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    Superior provider collaboration: Strengthen relationships, optimize workflows
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    Scalable & flexible solution: Adapt to growing business needs

Client Results


Speed to setup new clients


Reduction in accessioning costs


Reduction of EMR integration costs


Average reduction in days in A/R


Reduction in cost to collect


Increase in net collections

DxFlowTM Integrates with most LIMS and EHRs

GE Healthcare
Athena Health
Read how we helped Gravity Diagnostics reduce denial rates by 24% & increase average payment rates by 27%
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