Measure RCM Performance

Track your revenue cycle KPIs in real-time with a clear and comprehensive layout

Assessing critical performance metrics should be easy

You need a set of automated and real-time KPIs to accurately measure the performance of your RCM process.


Not knowing what is happening in your revenue cycle can lead to:

Inability to forecast revenue
Decreased profitability
Lower reimbursements
Poor staff morale

Diagnose the health of your RCM

Obtain clearer insights to act on specific issues of your RCM process.  

Detect negative trends

Intuitive user interface

Accurately calculate expected revenue

Real-time actionable intelligence

Assess critical revenue cycle KPIs with ease

To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to have a system in place that can monitor a variety of KPIs in real-time.

Gistia provides users with claim-level specifics to measure and track KPIs, including:

Revenue Per Visit
Days in Receivables
Charge Capture Rates
Claim Denial Rates
Misc. Productivity Metrics

Gistia helps you put out fires

There's never enough time or resources allocated for preventative measures.  This inefficient allocation of staff time results in revenue loss, and you’re always stuck doing the heavy lifting.

Track KPIs in Real-Time

You need actionable insights over which aspects of the RCM process are succeeding – and which aspects are falling short.

Take back your time

Assessing overall performance metrics should be easy, with Gistia it is. Take back the time you would have lost drowned in unorganized data.

Insights into every aspect of your business

Gistia gives you the ability to drill down into claim-level specifics, targeting problems with precision. These insights show you which actions were beneficial (and which ones were not) so you can continue - or correct course - with confidence.

Getting started is easy

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3. Win the game of Healthcare

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