Patient Portal

Open your doors to the digital era

Not properly connecting with your patients
can be harmful to your business

The world today is more connected than ever.  Not quickly notifying and communicating with your end-users leaves you far behind the competition and disconnected from the digital era.  This leads to poor brand perception, a decrease in revenue, more client services staff to handle orders, and inefficient and costly processes.

Embrace the agility and connectivity

Self-service channel

Allow patients to track
their tests and results

Notify patients of
results as soon as they are released

Free up your staff for
more important tasks

The world has changed, and so must your business

The way we communicate today has completely changed.

People have information at the tip of their fingers, constantly refreshing their apps for more information. 

With a Patient Portal, your lab can be clicks away from your customers, which will help you:

Add value to your lab’s brand, by offering a digital experience to Patients
Grow your top line, by making your organization the preferred choice of Patients
Reduce your costs, by freeing up Client Services staff time
Improve your results delivery time, by notifying Patients as soon as they are released

Open your organization's virtual doors

Implement a modern Patient Portal, fully integrated with your existing LIS, and improve your end-user’s experience.

Seamless integration with
your LIS

Get results as soon as they are released

Free up staff to focus on what matters

Online support channel direct with your Patients for even better customer experience

Easy access to results

Quickly release results automatically notifying Patients through their preferred method

Getting started is easy

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2. Discovery

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3. Win the game of Healthcare

Embrace your new powers to win at the game of healthcare.

Empower your Patients

Many healthcare organizations are already offering a Patient portal as a competitive advantage. 

Don’t fall behind the competition. 

As ex-healthcare IT execs, we have built Patient Portals that offer:

Patient self-service pre-registration
Secure, multi-factor portal authentication
Test history tracking
HIPAA compliant data handling
Integration with LIS
Integration with Service Desk system
Patient preferred notification methods

As ex-Healthcare IT execs, we’ve been there too. It's time to embrace modern technologies to help you improve the way patients access your organization.

Learn how Gistia can help you empower your patients.