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Gistia empowers our laboratory clients to run a data-driven business, driving measurable, financial, and operational improvements.

The Gistia Healthcare Platform

Laboratories operate in an environment that is characterized by waste, changing economics, and data complexity. Those that leverage analytics to make data-informed decisions will be better positioned to succeed in this environment.

Data & Cognitive Engine
The foundation of our platform is the Data & Cognitive Engine. It is built to be healthcare-specific, cloud-based, open, flexible, and a scalable data platform. It provides our laboratory clients a single source of truth that fully integrates into their system and organizes data from their disparate software systems.

Analytics Applications
Our suite of software analytics applications are built on top of the Data & Cognitive Engine and is designed to analyze the most common problems our customers face.

Services expertise
Our world-class team consists of both analytics experts, such as data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists, and domain experts, such as healthcare administrators, and revenue cycle specialists. These team members leverage our technology to help our clients shorten time-to-value and achieve sustainable measurable improvements.

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