Predict when Claims get paid

Gistia uses Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to drive predictable revenue performance.

Clear view of claim and CPT
charge-line details

Gain valuable visibility to claim details, all in one place. No more searching for answers and causing undue stress on your billing team With the Claims module you have real-time access to summary info, payer info, transactions, remittances, denial/advice code explanation, payment predictions as well as recommended actions.

Predict claim activity with
Machine Learning

Gistia uses Machine Learning from claim submissions processing to give your laboratory insights on the expected payment date and amount, likelihood score for payment, and denial prediction score.

Detect atypical claims
and charges

Find out in real-time when your claims submissions have anomalies, errors, and bottlenecks. AI-Driven alerts provide real-time notifications of potential issues.

Outcomes to improve your business

Claim-level visibility

Where you go for specific details about individual claims, or groups of claims.

Reimbursement predictions

AI makes predictions on claim reimbursement and payer responses.

Productive billing teams

Made for the billing team to dive into the details of what’s in the pipeline and what’s coming next.