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Pricing is custom to the level of effort required for your project. We have two engagement models: Project Delivery and Project Team. With them you can determine the amount of involvement you and your team will have in development. Gistia’s pricing and engagement models support project success.

We provide firm commitments on project timelines and costs. How do we do this? By leveraging the Discovery phase.


As part of the discovery process, we will interview all stakeholders. We use feedback to develop and validate wireframes and user stories for development. Our discovery process minimizes risk and makes timeline and budget projection a breeze.


Our pricing allows you to reserve engineering time and adjust as needed. Many of our clients will begin working with our team and find that they can use us in other areas of development. Or they find more functionality is desired above and beyond the MVP.


During the project, Gistia will tackle all user stories collected during discovery. Gistia will also budget hours and communicate budget status to keep the project on track.

Team Commitment

When a project’s hours are winding down, you have the option to hold on to the same team and buy extra hours to work through post deployment needs. You can also keep them working on new features for the next deployment or whatever is needed. Reduce time spent with onboarding efforts and increase the speed of user story completion by keeping the same team members.