Quickly interpret your results and easily build your reports

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Running samples and analyzing results can be a daunting task

After running a sample, you must quickly identify potential contamination, the need for reruns, or even override results based on complex assay rules.  Having to do this manually could lead to slow results turnaround time, human error, and additional lab staff needs.

Work smart, not hard

Preconfigure your
rules, thresholds, and exceptions

Automate your
sample run and

Quickly identify issues
and take bulk actions

Easily assess your
results and build your report

Resulting a test is the most critical process of a lab workflow

This is the process that must be quickly delivered and free of errors. 

Implementing a Results Analysis Portal can help you achieve these goals:

Automate your analysis based on predefined rules
Quickly identify contamination
Easily override results and take bulk actions
Preview result reports
Share results with external systems

Improve your lab efficiency

Implement a Results Analysis Portal, that allows you to dictate and automate the rules for every test in your lab.

Rules-based engine

Define rules, thresholds, and exceptions for a test/panel to be considered positive, negative, normal, or abnormal

Quickly assess data

From a single page, identify potential contamination and perform multiple actions over your samples results

Preview your results report

Preconfigure your test-based template and preview reports before signing-off

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Accelerate your lab's turnaround

And being able to provide quick and accurate
results is what gives labs a competitive advantage. 

With a rules-based engine, you will be able to:

Analyze your samples faster
Support new tests and reports
Send out PDF results
Integrate your systems using JSON/HL7 messages
Have full control of your sample runs

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