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Revenue Cycle Assessment

Heathcare Revenue Cycle Assessment Services

Every healthcare organization has hidden sources of lost revenue. Our comprehensive RCM assessment audit uncovers them so you can regain what's rightfully yours.

Gistia is trusted by healthcare industry leaders

Transform Inefficiencies into an Optimal Revenue Cycle

Our revenue cycle specialists will analyze your entire RCM process. We'll find waste and denials. Then, we'll make plans to turn them into new opportunities.


Our Guarantee: If we don't perform your assessment within 21 days, you'll get a refund.



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Discover Opportunities for Revenue Growth

Pinpoint Revenue Leaks and Lost Funds

We'll dive deep into your revenue cycle data. We'll reveal areas that are underperforming. Money was left from coding errors, missed charges, and underpayments.

  • Detect subtle revenue leaks
  • Expose underperforming areas
  • Initiate recovery of lost funds

Strengthen Financial Health with Data-Driven Improvements

Our audit provides strategic insights and recommendations based on hard data. Implement our action plans to optimize processes, policies and staffing for better margins.

  • Implement data-driven improvements
  • Strengthen financial health
  • Leverage audit insights for growth

Reduce Claim Denials and Improve Reimbursement

Our analysis finds the root causes of claim denials. We can then recommend specific process changes. These changes will boost reimbursement rates and speed up cash flow.

We have proven methods and healthcare expertise. We'll find at least one clear opportunity within 21 days. Or, we'll refund your assessment fee.

  • Reduce claim denial rates
  • Improve reimbursement strategies
  • Enhance claim processing accuracy

Stop leaving money on the table. Partner with Gistia to recover underpaid and denied claims.

Engaging with our Revenue Recovery Solution is easy.

Common Questions about RCM Assessments

What is a revenue cycle assessment, and why is it important for my business?

How long does a typical revenue cycle assessment take, and what does the process involve?

What are the potential benefits of implementing recommendations from a revenue cycle assessment?

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Discover Your RCM's Hidden Strengths and Weaknesses

See how our Revenue Recovery solutions can help you get fully compensated for your services, with low upfront costs to you.