Improve sales performance with data

Gistia can improve sales by helping your team identify and fix potential issues with payers and providers.

Sales performance taken to the next level with AI & ML

By using AI and Machine Learning our platform gives your sales team the power to identify which providers and payers are performing the best.   Thus, giving you the visibility, and actionable insights you need to improve sales performance.

Identify best performing payers

We go through your historical data and identify which payers have the best reimbursement rates and sort them by their performance so you can make decisions based on facts.

Rank providers by financial performance

Based on your historical data, we can sort providers on key financial factors -- product mix, denial rates, and overall profitability. Visibility to data at the provider level can help your sales teams understand, influence, and optimize provider behavior.

Test volume break-down

We break down your test volume and help you identify which geographies, age groups, and CPT codes are performing better. Now you can inform your sales plans with actionable data. This allows you to acquire better performing test volumes thus driving better business outcomes.

Score-based reimbursement

We assign scores to your current accounts, clients, and territories based on reimbursement performance. This helps us determine what makes certain accounts perform better and why this is happening--providing your sales and marketing teams with data to help them target their sales efforts to maximize reimbursement.

Explore the true state of
your revenue cycle

All dynamic payer & claims activity is clearly visible on more than 327 metrics monitored in real-time for instantaneous ad-hoc analysis from every angle of the RCM process.

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“So now with this information I can educate their sales team on what kind of business to go after. I’m much more in tune with what’s happening with their [claim] aging, I’m seeing where my denial issues are. It’s giving me a quick visual without having to go into the system and hunt.”

Rhonda Merrill

VP of Operations at Kellison & Company

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