Leveraging your data as a competitive advantage

To meaningfully change and improve revenue predictability, we believe laboratories must solve key problems related to data, analytics, and expertise.

Why use Gistia?

Laboratories rely on Gistia to drive higher revenue performance, optimize operational workflows and ensure compliance. 

Our AI-driven suite was optimized specifically for laboratories.  The proprietary predictive analytics platform tells you what needs to be fixed and where there's potential to optimize--without the stress that comes with building similar solutions in-house.  

Our clients have predictable revenue, quarter after quarter, and increases from 8-20% of revenue on existing volume within the first twelve months.

Leverage AI & ML to improve
your laboratory operations

The Gistia Laboratory Revenue Intelligence Platform uses predictive analytics to identify changes in payer behavior that would have gone undetected with traditional methods.

Our AI-driven suite was optimized specifically for laboratories, and our customizable reporting focuses on where there are issues and opportunities.

Our Solution - Gistia's Revenue Intelligence Platform,

leads the way in predictive revenue analytics. Our solution oversees the health of your RCM, derives analytical insights to operate your organization more efficiently, and produces measurable financial, and operational improvements.

One platform to better revenue performance

Turn your data into dollars with the most comprehensive predictive analytics platform.

Manual billing mistakes
can be costly

In the real world, Gistia detected a nuanced error that would have cost our laboratory client 20% of their revenue if it went undetected. Errors happen and, in this case, noticing the wrong CPT code was billed prevented a 20% impact on their revenue.

Find out what Gistia's Laboratory Revenue Intelligence Platform can do for your team

Executive Team

Our platform provides the information you need to make surgical decisions about where to grow business and where to pull back.

Sales Team

Our platform can improve sales by helping your team identify and fix potential issues with payers and providers.

Delivering data-driven insights for