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Laboratory Information Systems

Easily manage complex Lab workflows with highly customizable and configurable LIMS

Gistia DxFlow™ streamlines order management, sample processing, and results delivery, offering custom workflows for complex or novel test types, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in labs.

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Challenges Facing Diagnostic Providers

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Manual Processes Cause Errors

Relying on paper forms and manual data entry results in high error rates that delay results and impact revenue.
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Inefficient Workflows Reduce Productivity

Complex workflows for order processing waste staff time and prevent them from focusing on high-value work.
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Integration Challenges

Integrating disparate systems is time-consuming, costly, and can negatively impact data accuracy.

Modernized Diagnostics Workflows

Gistia automates the entire underpayment lifecycle so you can maximize legitimate reimbursements.

Streamline Workflows and Efficiency

Achieve greater efficiency by streamlining and automating key processes in the lab's workflow.
  • Streamline Order Workflows: Create and manage workflows effectively to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhance Accessioning Efficiency: Reduce the costs and time associated with managing lab orders, including accessioning costs.
  • Automate Exception Handling: Handle exceptions in the order process automatically to reduce manual errors and the risk of missing or incorrect information.

Improve Order Accuracy and Compliance

Ensure clean orders and adherence to healthcare regulations, leading to improved order accuracy and compliance.
  • Ensure clean electronic orders to reduce the likelihood of errors and claim denials.
  • Increase the accuracy of orders by reducing the need for rework due to errors or missing information.
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations to reduce the risk of penalties and protect the lab's reputation.

Reduce Missing Information and Errors

Reduce instances of missing information and errors, leading to fewer claim denials and improved financial performance.
  • Monitor and manage orders that need attention to reduce instances of missing information.
  • Ensure clean orders and reduce missing information to minimize claim denials and increase reimbursements.
  • Automate processes to reduce manual errors, leading to cleaner orders and fewer claim denials.

Start Optimizing Laboratory Operations with Gistia DxFlow™

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"After our merger, Gistia integrated our lab systems, enhancing data handling and streamlining reporting. We're thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend their solutions. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Gistia."
Patrick Chase

Patrick Chase

Senior IT Director at Avero


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